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Our company's main profile is metal works with CNC machines, especially metal turning and milling with CNC lathes and CNC machining centers.

Our company has been established in 2007 from a more than 20 years old individual entertainment. We have 10 employee and a stable, reliable background.

We produce parts and components for many kinds of industrial machines, household equipments, mainly for multinational companies and for local customers.
We use a wide range of raw materials: steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper and plastics.
The volume of our jobs is from 10 pieces to 1.000.000 pieces and besides of this we create uniqe parts, our CAD/CAM system provide the necessary techology for the sophisticated parts . We are preferring the higher quantities.
The quality system we use is ISO9001:2000, we can provide the necessary quality with the help of our measuring equipment.

Our capacity is 4000 hours per year, but it can be increase in case of demand. We have now 2 factory with 500 square meter severally.

If you need any product, please contact us, you can find our reachabilities on contact page.
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